“Daydreams of a Rigid Sea”

The sea, with frothy foaming waves,

Crashing but often swelling up again,

The swirling aqua storm it braves,

Yet, the howling wind it always craves,

With the strength of 100 men.


Then suddenly, there is serene and calm,

And seaweed and squawking gulls,

A boy humming softly, shells in palm,

Cautious treading after a silent bomb,

The quiet cast an eerie lull.


A bomb that is neither seen nor heard,

The dismal chaos raging on,

Like peace after war, it is preferred,

Like the world to weary eyes, it is blurred,

And as easily as it came, the tempest is gone.


Because some do not know,

Din and hush at the same instant,

As if clamor and quiet, it’s the other they loathe,

And so goes their secret oath,

An oath to be the one everyone must listen.


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