Nature Knows No Boundaries

The swirling clouds laced themselves across the night sky with the intention of dragging stars and planets behind it. A gaping hole at the center, the eye, pitched and deformed with the raging currents of a natural calamity. This was a storm, but not like any other I had ever seen.

It took much self-motivation to scurry up the sand dunes from house to beach, and witness the sight unfolding before me. Rain like pins and needles struck my arms and face, soaking me down to the bone. Angry wind tore at my pajamas, whipping my hair and whining in my ears. The only thing that brought any comfort was the dark, which bundled me in a soothing layer of blackness.

What seemed like an eternity of me gradually sinking in the sand, staring dumbfounded at the sky, was only a few moments. The gales hardly ebbed, and while each surge was more capricious than the last, I gained a natural understanding of when I must brace myself against each gust. With every rotation of this giant typhoon, tempest winds grew stronger, and I struggled to keep from blowing away.

Suddenly, something nestled my shoulders, though only for an instant was I startled, because the jacket was warm and dry. I spun around to see my dad, now missing a coat and shivering. I also began to notice neighbors amassing on the beach, gathering to experience the mesmerizing sensation I had first felt.

Dazzling stars rippled across the sky, sprinkled randomly, intertwining with the many storm clouds. I wanted to chase the scene, but not chase it away. I admired its dazzling wildness, and it filled me with a burning, crazed energy. This energy slowly swelled inside me, starting from the soles of my sandy feet, to the tips of my untamed winding hair.

“Beautiful, isn’t it,” whispered a voice, carried with the thunderous wind currents.
A muted, “Yeah,” was the only word I could manage to reply. But of course, a simple “yeah” didn’t cover it. “Beautiful” was an understatement, and the term I would use to describe this kind of moment might be more like “inspiring”; Inspiring me to write a story like no other, a story like the storm.



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